Jersey Village Roofers

Need a new roof or a remodel? Do you have leaks, cracked tiles, or missing shingles? Are you looking for a dependable general contracting company that specializes in roofing? Jersey Village Roofers can meet all your roofing needs with quick, courteous service and 20 years of expertise.

We install, repair, and renovate roofs in Jersey Village and the adjacent communities in Harris County. We are friendly, affordable, and reliable. Jersey Village Roofers is committed to bringing you the best in roofing know-how at reasonable rates.

Jersey Village Roofers has over two decades of experience repairing, replacing, removing, and constructing new roofs on:

• Single-family homes
• Apartment complexes
• Condos
• Industrial buildings
• Warehouses
• Medical, office, and retail buildings
• Attached and detached in-law suites
• Duplexes and triplexes

In addition to residential and commercial buildings, we excel at roofing:
• Summer homes
• Manufactured homes
• Outbuildings like workshops and garden sheds
• Stables and barns
• Boathouses
• Greenhouses
• Garages and storage sheds
• Playhouses
• Rental homes
• Almost any structure you can think of

And Jersey Village Roofers is not confined to shingle or shake roofing. We have a wealth of experience with:

• Tile roofs (concrete or clay)
• Slate roofing
• Composite shingles
• Asphalt with decorative rock
• Metal (steel, copper, tin, aluminum)
• Weatherproof plastics

Jersey Village Roofers can meet your needs no matter what they may be. From houseboats to haciendas, we are ready to advise you on the best materials, most attractive styles, and eco-friendly, cost-effective methods. With over two decades of contracting experience and a history of high customer satisfaction, Jersey Village Roofers is here to meet your needs.

stickler for safety, Jersey Village Roofers conforms to or exceeds all federal, state, and local workplace safety requirements. You can trust our expert team of on-site workers and office staff members to be responsive to your concerns.