Jersey Village Roofers FAQs

Ask Jersey Village Roofers About Roofing:

Dear Jersey Village Roofers: My house has had the same roof over 30 years. It’s time to replace it but I have no idea what kind of roof to get. What do you think?
Answer: Jersey Village Roofers has a wide variety of options for roof replacement. After seeing your existing roof we can help you decide whether to replace it with slate, metal, tile, or something else appropriate. Some house styles require certain roofing materials and some communities have specific mandates. Call Jersey Village Roofers for a complete inspection and advisory report.

Dear Jersey Village Roofers: My neighbor’s flagpole came crashing down onto my house in yesterday’s windstorm. Will my insurance cover the repairs on my roof?
Answer: It’s more likely that your neighbor’s insurance policy will cover most of the costs. We are always ready to inspect the damage and write up a report for your neighbors, their insurance company, or you.

Dear Jersey Village Roofers: I noticed a leak in my bathroom ceiling getting bigger and bigger. When I climbed up on the roof I found out some kind of animal had destroyed quite a large section. What can be done?
Answer: If the damage is not too extensive, Jersey Village Roofers can repair your roof to look exactly as it did before the destruction. If structural problems have occurred, we can also replace your roof with a new one. Whatever your roofing needs may be, we are here to see to them in a timely and affordable manner.

Dear Jersey Village Roofers: What are the pros and cons of slate roofs? They look great but I’m worried they might be too expensive or won’t stand up to the weather.
Answer: Slate roofing is attractive and durable. It comes in a wide selection of colors and sizes and can be arranged in distinctive patterns. Slate roofing is not for everyone, however, since it is more expensive than other types of roofing and is often heavy enough to require an additional support structure. Consult with your Jersey Village roofer before choosing a roofing material and style to make sure it is appropriate to your budget and your building.